Updated: July 26th


Rhinegeist, “Café Ink”

10% abv.- Coffee and Kahlua flavors intertwine in a bold roast beer that’s chocked full of its own molasses and nougat-like sweetness, coffee and cocoa earthiness and a spicy alcohol finish that’s redolent with bourbon and coffee liquor.


Avery, “White Rascal”

5.5% abv. –A pillow of soft wheat malt and a zesty balance from apple and lemon give this wheat ale a distinct wine-like presence. Spiced with soft coriander and dried orange peel, the beer continues its crisp and refreshing theme right to its semi-dry finish.


Founders, “Doom”

12.4% abv- Sweet toffee, caramelized marshmallows, and bourbon warmth are just part of the malty-sweet start. But its deviant turn to strong citrus bitterness and oak tannin offer up a spicy and resinous kick to finish. Its simultaneous bitter-sweetness balances beautifully.


Uinta, “Birthday Suit 24”

6.2% abv.- Pastry meets tartness with the brewery’s anniversary sour ale that starts like sourdough and light sweetness but soon trails into a sour cherry flavor of cider, mulled wine and a peppery malty dry finish. Birthdays never tasted so good!


Rhinegeist, “Press Tart”

6% abv. – Cleanly sour with an undercurrent of lime, lemon, crabapple and white grape, a bold overcast of raspberry & blueberry up the tanginess but balance with supple fruit sweetness and a slight robust dark character.


Lagunitas, “Little Sumpin’ Extra”

8.7% abv -Like catnip for hop-heads, the hop-dominant character is in full swing with juicy red grapefruit, vibrant orange & ripe pineapple. Zesty with tangy fruit and herb, a waft of cannabis rises, then balances with light wheat, caramel and honey before a dry finish.


Three Floyds, Apocalypse Cow

11.0% abv – Careful not to become complacent, here’s a powerfully complex and smooth tasting India Pale Ale of imperial proportions. Floral to start and bitter with citrus oils to close, its richer body stems from milk sugar additions for that perfectly unexpected balance.


Uinta, “Lime Pilsner”

5.3% abv – Crisp, citrusy and refreshing, an overcast of fresh limes is placed over the familiar and comfortable pilsner taste with a light cracker sweetness to start, a bold and zesty middle palate, and with a light lemongrass spice to finish.