Updated: March 28th


New Holland, “Dragon’s Milk”

10.0% abv.- With a dark and sultry edge, the roasted edges of barley meet up with savory toffee and chocolate for a lush taste and texture that seems of “bourbon ball” candy. Rewarding to the sweet tooth throughout, the ale finishes deep and warm.


Unibroue, “La Fin Du Monde”

9% abv. – The perfect “the end of the world” beer- a boldly complex yet easy drinking ale with a powdered sugar upstart, but turns chardonnay-like with lemongrass hop undertones at mid-palate. Finishing with spicy warm kick- it carries remarkable finesse.    


Boulevard, “The Calling”

8.5% abv- Sticky, dry, resinous and citrusy- this beer has it all. Hops ooze from the ale with a tropical, citrus and herbal succulence. With a crisp caramel and honey backbone, the ale finishes semidry, bitter with pine and a long undercurrent of citrus peel.


Bell’s, “Oberon”

5.8% abv – Few things taste as summery as this bready-sweet beer with underpinnings of cookie dough. A spice of orange, apple, mango and papaya balance with clove, fresh grated white pepper for a soft and feathery finish of vanilla and mint.


Vanberg & DeWulf, “Lambickx ’11”

5.8% abv. – Blended to perfection, this masterfully skilled ale starts with complex earth tones- leather, lime, sea air, cellar must, weathered oak all play into a sharply acidic sourness of white wine, brine and cider. Spicy and powder-dry- it’s surprisingly refreshing.


West Sixth, “Heller Heaven”

9.5% abv – A highly seductive ale with the taste of candied citrus and tropical fruit with underpinnings of graham cracker, caramel and honeysuckle. Its floral bouquet trends semi-dry and softly resinous in its lingering grapefruit bitterness. Effortless on the palate!    


Three Floyds, “FloyDivision 1”

7.5% abv –Bright with tangy tropical fruit, citrus and fresh herbal flavor, the experimental hop beer awakens the senses with pineapple, mango and creamsicle. Bitter, grassy and with a fresh chive finish, its citrus peel, botanical and fruity bitterness is smooth.


Rhinegeist, “Hans”

4.4% abv – Smooth, elegant and malty, spring rings in with a taste that’s also nutty, toasty and sly with caramel & honey notes. A dainty floral whimsy of honeysuckle trends modestly spicy and herbal in a balance that tilts toward malt sweetness yet also dry & clean.