Updated: September 20th


Three Floyds, “Moloko Milk Stout”

8.0% abv.- A tad off the deep end, this inquisitive Stout reigns in the roasted balance of coffee and cream that’s common to English Milk Stouts but with the zippy refreshment that only citrusy American hops can provide. Bitter, dry and lush- all in the same glass.


MadTree, “Entropic Theory IPA”

6.9% abv. – Herbal, tropical and citrusy hops align on the tongue with strong, bitter intentions. Freshly zested orange, red grapefruit and apricot become a prelude to a tropical medley of passionfruit, pineapple and mango along with a grassy, sprucy finish.


De Dolle, “Dulle Teve Belgian Tripel”

10.0% abv- Charged with racy Chardonnay-like acidity, this doughy “mad bitch” of an ale start with supple candied orchard fruit and spicy white pepper in complement. Light earthen hops give a muddled herb taste late- just ahead of a spritzy effervescent finish.


Dogfish Head, “Nasmaste Belgian Witbier”

5% abv.- Full of good karma, it’s a feel-good Belgian wheat beer that’s bursting with ripe oranges and lemons, soft spicy coriander and a kiss of lemongrass for balance. Delicate and perfumy, its upstart is bready-sweet but its finish is playfully acidic.


Founder’s, “DKML Bourbon Barrel Aged Malt Liquor”

11% abv. -Sweetness and spice pile on the taste buds with a simple syrup and cereal character that follows the strong bourbon nuance of vanilla, caramel, and oak with an overall character of savory candy corn.


Three Floyds, “500# Super Sack IPA”

5.5% abv – With just enough bready and honey malt character to support the boldness of hop flavor, it’s the vibrant lemon, leaf, green berry, melon, kiwi & botanical aroma and taste that carries the ale, and does so with a crisp, lemongrass, peppery finish.


Stone, “Fruitalica Imperial IPA”

8.0% abv – Saturating and bitter, the heavy hopping team of Stone, Beavertown & Garage Project collaborate on a fruit filled bere with yuzu citrus, kiwi and a kiss of habanero for a full fruit taste with a decidedly bitter, clean and drying finish.


Brooklyn, “Oktoberfest”

5.5% abv – Honoring the fall fests of Bavaria, Brooklyn brings the beery part of those to the States- light caramel, cracker and toasted grain keeps the balance squarely on the malt while soft herbal bitterness and minerally taste offset the mild sweetness with ease.