Updated: May 28th


Founders, “KBS”

11.2% abv.- The apex of “Stout” is reached with the immense espresso, bittersweet chocolate, molasses and bourbon complexities that simply align beautifully on the tongue. Bourbon warmth finishes as its aged succulence seeps into the taste buds with long silky effects.


Avery, “Vanilla Bean Stout”

10.8% abv. – Needing a creamy, smooth and decadent ice-cream flavor, the imperial stout’s charred finish is rounded with heavy cream, reckless vanilla additions and a baker’s chocolate finish with nuances of caramel, oak and bourbon for warmth and whimsy.


Mikkeller, “Overtime IPA”

7.3% abv-Bright, juicy and pungent, a strong hop overlay stacks up against a toasted malty sweet backbone. Supporting grain and caramel lurk in the shadow of deep resiny bitterness, carrying an herbal dankness, citrus and tropical fruit character.


Bell’s “Pooltime”

5.2% abv – Fruity, spicy and fine-tailored to summer, the crisp, refreshing and playfully tart wheat beer shares light clove, white pepper and orange character but then charged with the tangy home-grown cherries of Traverse City for an extra layer of flavor and charm.


Founders, “Rubaeus”

5.7% abv. – Capitalizing on the fruit of summer, ripe raspberries are added at five different stages of the brewing process for a deeply infused taste that starts ripe and fresh but finishes pie-like with shortcake sweetness underneath. Refreshing and tart- it’s just for summer!


Bell’s, “Kal Haven”

7.5% abv –The bready-spice and earthen husk nature of rye beer providing malty support, the “wild” fermentation delivers a plethora of earthy and gamey characteristics ranging from damp hay to saddle leather, cellar must, sea brine, dried citrus and wine.


Founders, “Sumatra Mountain Brown”

9.0% abv – With a jolt of the elegant Sumatra coffee bean, the overtones of java abound. Woven together with the toffee, chocolate and nutty taste of brown ale, this robust dark ale caters to the coffee lover in all of us.


Three Floyds, “Flying Tigersault”

4.8% abv – Toasty, nutty and lightly of bread crust, the rich pilsner profile leaves a biscuity and honey-like impression with a floral bouquet to start but a peppery and grassy balance to finish. Crisp, clean and refreshing with a meltier body than usual.