Updated: January 16th


Founders, “Porter”

6.5% abv.- Dark, toasty, and echoing with bitter chocolate throughout, this not-too-sweet, not-too-bitter achieves impeccable balance with a base of seared toffee and light coffee and then a tinge of piney hops in order to finish malty-dry and delightfully nutty.


Bell’s, “Hopslam”

10% abv. – How good can Imperial IPAs get? One sip of this hoppy-strong golden elixir reveals a burst of citrus and tropic pulp sweetness and clean, zesty bitterness. Topped with a honey suckle-like supple sweetness, this bright golden ale finishes smooth & warm.


Kasteel, “RaspBarista”

11.0% abv- Powerful dark fruit, spice and red wine character of the dark, strong ale meets its match with copious additions of coffee, chocolate & raspberries for deep complexity, power and taste- all leading to a succulent and luscious finish with ripples of dark berry tartness.



Rhinegeist, “Jobbie Nooner”

5% abv.- With its crisper, cleaner and faint grain sweetness, the taste trends drier and hoppier- showcasing the classic and sharp white grapefruit bitterness and grassy undertow of a variety of hops- giving this ale an IPA-like attitude.


Rhinegeist, “Press Tart”

4.4% abv. -Its soul is sour, but its heart is in the berry bush as delicate, pastry-like wheat plays dryly underneath a lightly musty, wine like acidity with a brazen overcast of marionberry and blueberry for a tangy zip to startle the tastebuds just a little


Mikkeller, “Red White Christmas”

8% abv – With notions of sugarplums dancing on our palate, this hybrid red ale & Belgian wheat beer delivers sugar cookie-type sweetness early- just ahead of the citrusy and perfumy character to come. Developing into a sprucy finish, the ale refreshes the palate.

Stone, “Tangerine Express”

6.7% abv – The common citrus flavor of IPA gets an uncommon upgrade with copious additions of tangerines for a juicy, branch-ripened, field-sliced succulence, but with the bracing bitterness of pine and botanical herbs in a dry and extended finish.


Founders, “PC Pils”

5.6% abv – Simple and soft, the gentle sweetness of cereal, honeysuckle and dough roll onto the tongue with a spicy balance of citrus and pine for an evenly matched balance and effortless taste.