Updated: November 19th


Prairie, “No Chill”

5.1% abv.- Layered with generous additions of coffee, the java heavy beer shares natural roasted, walnut and chicory elements from the char of grains. Balanced with burnt caramel and cream, the finish is silky and campfire-like with a strong coffee flavor lingering.


Stone, “Xocoveza”

8.1% abv. – A full and lavish palate that’s chocked full of bittersweet chocolate, dark-roast coffee and marshmallow, an undercurrent of cherry, raisin and fennel act in support and complexity. The rounded taste of chocolate covered cherries strike just before a cinnamon spice finish.


Three Floyds, “Oil Of Gladness”

11.0% abv- Collaborating with Dark Horse brewers, a malty sweet start of toffee, molasses and caramel sooth the palate while citrus, herb and earth counter in balance. A bittersweet finish of curacao liquor, pine and tobacco is resinous and deep throughout.


Prairie, “Flare”

5.4% abv.- Tangy, tart and fruit-forward, the zesty acidity of crabapple, dried lime and lemon lay a citrusy sour refreshment on the palate. Decorated with perfumy coriander and the brine of sea salt, a musty burlap undertow leads to a bright margarita finish.


Bell’s, “Wild One”

6.6% abv. – Partly of chocolate, toast and nuts and partly of fruit, bread and wheat- the overcast of sourness offers tangy cherry, apple and lemon ahead of a dry, musty and wine-like finish.


Rhinegeist, “Lumberjack”

7.2% abv -Bright like a pale ale but toasty and nearly roasty for an autumn weather flare, the caramel and graham cracker underpinnings are layered with hints of coffee, toasted citrus, nuttiness and a moderately bitter finish of pine bark.



Deschutes, “Fresh Squeezed IPA”

6.4% abv –With a dry caramel backdrop in tow, that subtle maltiness is perfect for the bursting hop flavor to leap from, bringing with it the tantalizing juiciness of pineapple, red grapefruit, blood orange, passion fruit, mango & apricot before finish dry and citrusy bitter.


Bell’s, “Expedition Stout”

10.5% abv – With the consistency of motor oil, the luscious and inky beer carries the maltiness of blackstrap molasses, espresso and bittersweet chocolate with a fruity undercurrent of cherry and date, and a spicy licorice & Kahlua warmth.