Why aren’t there growlers of certain beers?

Being a premiere craft beer retailer we are fortunate enough to obtain and share some of the most exclusive, rare, low-production, and coveted beers available in any market. It is in the best wishes of all in the craft beer community to allow as many craft beer enthusiasts the chance to enjoy these beers rather than simply letting a few people buy growlers. Keep in mind that we consistently offer growler fills of an array of outstanding beers.

Why is this particular beer only available for purchase at the bar?

Many of these ultra-premium beers are made and distributed in very small quantities. Bar enjoyment encourages camaraderie and promotes the sharing of such beers. More importantly, it prevents any one individual from purchasing the majority of the very limited amount that we receive. Often, people complain that a certain beer is not on the shelf available for retail, when in fact if we had placed that item on the shelf, they would never have seen it because there is a very good chance one person would have come in and bought everything we had. We feel keeping certain very limited items behind the bar is the best way to give everyone a chance to taste these special beers.

Why are all beers not served in the same glass?

Beer, like wine and many fine liqueurs, is meant to be enjoyed in proper glassware to enhance the overall drinking experience. We also take into consideration the alcohol in the beer and price when selecting the proper glass for each beer.

Why do I have to pay to sample a beer?

The majority of the kegs we purchase are 20 liter kegs, which is a third the size of a “normal” keg.  If we handed out samples of all of these beers then most of the beer will have been given away.

Why don’t you have any ciders, liquor or wine?

The license we have is exclusive to beer. Unfortunately, ciders are considered a “wine” in Kentucky so we are unable to sell these as well.

Why is there a different price to drink a beer at the bar as opposed to taking it home?

As a specialty beer bar, we also offer a very large quantity of beers for retail as well.  These prices are lower in price than the price of a bottle consumed at the bar and are priced in line with other retail liquor stores.